by Louis Kinder
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It's clear that Movie 43 is a project of passion for the filmmakers and actors that collaborated and contributed to the off-the-wall comedy. And like any anthology, watchers will have their favorites. It's a rare treat when one of the aforementioned watchers is also a collaborator. Patrick Warburton, famous for playing Putty on Seinfeld and delivering the voice of Officer Joe Swanson on Family Guy has his own favorite. “My favorite short in the film is actually the one that she [Elizabeth Banks] and Josh Duhamel do.” Patrick is referring to the Beezel segment of the film which will catch movie-goers off guard on January 25th. Joining Patrick in the R rated comedy is a scroll length of A-list actors, notably Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Seth MacFarlane and Dennis Quaid.

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