Interview with Director, Damian Lee
by Louis Kinder
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A Dark Truth is more than an ultra-cool ex-CIA operative (Andy Garcia) pulled back into a world he thought he left behind. It's a chance for you and I, the average American, to take the experience with us after the credits roll. I was fortunate to discuss A Dark Truth with the captain of the crew, director Damian Lee.

While Lee can brag about the cast he was fortunate to work with, including Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker, he throws the responsibility of message retention back on us. Lee explains, “ matter the quality of the actor, it is the quality of the person (in the audience) that dictates what the experience is.” As I pry for more information, Lee tells me what I don't want to hear, “(this) is based on real situations and real companies that are exploiting the environment for profit and gain.”

I hate getting too heavy and Lee was kind enough to change the subject to some of the challenges that a film crew is faced with while abroad. Making the list: the jungle itself, the need to use natural light in aforementioned jungle, and the cultural & language barriers that are common while shooting in a foreign country.

As I watched the clock tick away, I couldn't help myself from asking the question every interviewer asks every director. “What's next?”. As it turns out, what's next has already been filmed. The action thriller, Split Decision, starring Brendan Fraser and Dominic Purcel is due for a 2013 release. After this is A Fighting Man, which Lee is proud to have written and will once again take the helm as director.

I believe, for Damian Lee, it's about the emotional connection a story teller can have with the audience. You can just tell a story or you can tell it right.

A Dark Truth in theaters January 4, 2013.




















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